Kent Carter has been appraising real property and small businesses for over 30 years. He is a member of the Appraisal Institute and has the MAI, SRA, BCA and AI-GRS designations. The BCA (Business Certified Appraiser designation) is accepted by the SBA.


Kent has appraised many types of real property and small businesses across Texas.

He has appraised a wide variety of manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, restaurants, retail operations, and holding companies. He also has experience in appraising single commercial properties valued over $1 Billion. Click Here to View My Resume

Kent holds a BBA Degree from Texas A&M Kingsville and Post Graduate Work from University of Texas Austin. In addition he has been on the board of a nationally charted bank and proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. He has owned several businesses including a movie theater, an automobile dealership, a drilling fluids company, numerous real estate holdings, partnered with drilled oil & gas wells, and developed & sold subdivisions.

He spent approximately twenty years in the oil industry prior to becoming a real property and small business appraiser.

ATTENTION Lending institutions…
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With over 30+ years experience performing all types of appraisals, I can deliver accurate and timely appraisal reviews for your institution. You will have the assurance that your appraisals comply with USPAP and is backed by the experience that will draw conclusions whether your appraisals are too high or low.

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Business Appraisals

Why are business valuations needed?
The reason to obtain a business valuation typically falls under the following categories: transactions, tax reporting, financial reporting, and litigation. Examples of each category are as follows:
Transactions: exit planning, buy-sell agreements, financing, fairness opinions
Tax Reporting: gift and estate tax, charitable donations, c-to-s conversions, 409(A)
Financial Reporting: purchase price allocations, goodwill impairment testing, intellectual property, employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), portfolio valuations, derivatives
Divorce: it is important to understand the true value of the business when going through divorce
Litigation: marital disputes, shareholder disputes, bankruptcy, economic damages, fraud


Commercial real estate matters can be complicated, but getting an appraisal on commercial real estate need not be. We provide timely affordable service and an easy order process. Whether you need a full inspection and formal detailed appraisal for financing, or want just want a streamlined valuation report to make an informed decision before placing your property on the market, we offer cost-effective options.

In many situations, an inspection and full formal appraisal report is more than what may be needed. Let us know if you are interested in an alternative such as a Desktop Appraisal or a Market Study. These popular options, when sufficient for your needs, save time and money.

Careful consideration must be given to a property's terrain features, cultivated land, pasture, water features, elevation changes, trees, views, natural habitat, mineral interests, fencing, and livestock and animal production facilities. Kent Carter has appraised many farm and ranch properties in South Texas. He welcomes the opportunity to service your farm and ranch appraisal needs.

Farm and Ranch Properties

Farm and ranch properties have specialized characteristics and require an experienced appraiser. The value of farm and ranch properties varies greatly depending on highest and best use.

Not all farm and ranch properties are valued based on crop or animal unit production. There is substantial demand for recreational properties that can have significant differences regarding location and special features.

Ranch & Farm

Farm and ranch properties have specialized characteristics and require an experienced appraiser. Kent Carter has appraised many farm and ranch properties in South Texas over his 30 years experience. He welcomes the opportunity to service your farm and ranch appraisal needs.

Gift or Estate

The value of a partial ownership interest in a privately held business is not worth its proportionate percentage. If your business is worth $1,000,000 and you want to gift a 10% interest, the fair market value of that gift is typically less than $100,000.


In a divorce, the value of the assets owned jointly by the marriage are divided between them. You probably know the value of your home and investment portfolio, but what about the fair market value of your business?

Business Sale

There are several different questions to consider when selling one's business. Are you going to sell the company stock or just those assets that normally transfer in a sale? Is there real estate involved? What expenses are really discretionary to the seller? What is the value of any goodwill owned by the business?


Not all partners have the same timeline for when they want to retire. When your partner wants to be bought out, will the price you agree to be fair for all concerned? Remember, debt incurred by the Company tends to reduce its value. Will your half be worth less than what you paid to buy out your partner?



"As a review appraiser for a major Bank, we rely on timeliness and accurate work from our appraisers and Mr. Carter delivered on both counts each and every time we engaged him for an assignment."
-Ken Loehman
Vice President/Review Appraiser/Frost Bank

"I have known Kent Carter for many years and I have found him to have the highest level of integrity and character. He is a hard worker and dedicated professional."
-Chris R.
Local Banker

"Kent Carter is an outstanding commercial appraiser. I hired Kent to appraise properties for me in several chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. He provided accurate appraisals and was a reliable and competent witness in federal bankruptcy court. I highly, highly recommend his professional services.
-Ron Smeberg


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